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laser marked plug topLaser Marking - let us quote on your next job

Lasers Are Us is an Industrial Laser Marking Job Shop marking one offs or high volumes efficiently, cost effectively and with laser quality (precise and permanent).

Send or deliver your goods and we will return them all laser marked precisely as you specify.

We do this for engineering companies and medical manufacturers, in fact all kinds of companies small and large.

Call us on 01656 745090 or contact us to request a laser marking quote.

The laser is brilliant for laser marking. We use the term MARKING as opposed to engraving if there is no discernable material loss or depression at the marking site. Otherwise we call it laser engraving. Note that as well as traditional CO2 systems, Lasers Are Us has non-standard lasers which can produce pigment colour changes in certain plastics thereby producing permanent marks with zero material removal. We use this kind of marking most commonly for electrical plastics and medical plastics.


Lasers Are Us - Laser Marking in Swansea, Cardiff, Bristol...


Here are some examples of the laser marking we do for our customers...(medical screw, electrical grid switch, exotic metal)

laser marked screw for the medical industrylaser marked grid switch for the electrical industryexotic metal laser marking on a curved surface

Lasers Are Us provides a National Lasering Subcontract Service. Laser Marking, Laser Printing, Laser Cutting, Laser Drilling.

One of our strengths is the range of laser types at our facility. We have Carbon Dioxide lasers, YAG lasers and other specialist lasers. This means it is likely that we can laser your goods, whatever the material is. You supply the parts and artwork, we laser and return. This means that our customers are free to leave the configuration and operation of the laser systems to our laser-trained personnel.

We can accept drawings via email in popular formats such as .dxf .dwg and .ai, .cdr - for more info on files Click here to download our Customer Information Sheet in pdf format Information pdf

Alternatively we can scan pictures and information from letterheads or digitally capture images from the Internet. We can perform trials and simple tests for quick evaluations of feasibility. First step is to send a sample and some artwork - it’s that easy.

On the scale of our operation, the large number and variety of laser systems we operate, Lasers Are Us is the largest lasering operation in Wales and in the top three in the UK. We are based on Kenfig Industrial Estate, near Bridgend in South Wales.  The laser systems we operate include flat bed laser CO2s, scanning carbon dioxide lasers, scanning YAG and f theta fiber lasers.

Our Customers are located in all the major UK cities including, London, Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester... We have customers in Edinburgh and Dundee in Scotland and even a customer in the Shetland Isles. The bulk of our business comes from companies in the South Wales industrial heartlands, the Welsh Valleys and the industries along the M4 corridor.


Can we laser engrave Molybdenum Mo metal?

- Yes, even with a melting point of 2,623 °C Molybdenum Mo can be laser engraved

Can we laser engrave Stainless Steel metal?

- Yes, all kinds of stainless steel such as 316 and polished steel can be laser engraved.  We can laser mark with silver markings or black markings

Can we laser engrave Aluminium Al metal?

- Yes, this common engineering metal can be surface marked with a silver coloured mark or it can be engraved deep with aluminium metal removed by laser engraving

Can we laser engrave Leather?

- Yes, we laser etch leather wallets, leather belts with initials as personalised gifts for our customers.

Can we laser etch Radel?

- Yes, this common engineering plastic, often a grey / beige colour produces a dark permanent mark.

Can we laser cut Klinger Statite?

- Yes, we laser profile cut this thin material to make gaskets for our medical customers.

Can we laser cut Leather?

- Yes, we laser profile cut leather but it produces quite a stink !

Can we laser mark ULTEM9085?

- Yes, we laser laser mark ULTEM9085 which is a black plastic used by 3D printers.  This gives a bright nicely contrasting, easy to read, permanent mark




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